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  • Called to Be a Warrior

    We believe we are called to be warriors for the Kingdom of God. We're called to train in the Word similar to that of a soldier and be on guard and ready for whatever spiritual battle might come. 

    noun (especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

    Our new Warrior gear line was designed with this in mind, to encourage and empower one another to train and be ready for spiritual battle. And, to realize we are not called to merely survive or "make it," we are called to overcome and be more than conquers, we are called to be warriors. 

    Each of us have something to overcome in this life, every single one of us has a personal battle. We believe those battles can also be our training ground, those battles can and should bring us even closer to the Lord. And, as we lean on him, we learn and we train in his Word and we gain experience. This makes us warriors, more than conquers. 

    We ask that you wear our Warrior gear with this in mind, our ultimate calling. And, we pray it encourages and empowers you to live boldly for the Kingdom of God. 

    "But the Lord is with me like a mighty warrior..." Jeremiah 20:11 (NIV)

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  • Free Diamond Print Download

    Want to take your decor up a level? Our Diamond design is based on 
    Proverbs 3:15 "She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her." The scripture reference "Prov 3 | 15" is embedded in the design on the top left of the diamond.

    Get our Diamond Print digital download FREE and stay up to date on our latest products and sales! Simply sign up and the download will be delivered to your inbox! 

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  • An Open Door to an Honest Conversation

    Recently, one of our customers shared how her Fruit of the Spirit sweatshirt opened the door to a conversation with a stranger on a plane. That conversation led to an invitation to church. 

    I laugh when I tell people about our clothing, "it's the best witnessing tool for the introvert." Sometimes, talking about our faith can be awkward and difficult but when the door opens through something as innocent as a shirt, the Holy Spirit moves mightily. 

    We can use our clothing to speak volumes even when we do not have the words to speak. As you scroll through our line of clothes, keep that in mind and wear your faith boldly. 


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  • A New Beginning


    A few years ago, I had a vision for a line of clothing. I wanted a tough line, clothing that said something and said it boldly without being cheesy or awkward. I started to develop some designs but then life happened. One thing after another and I just couldn't get back to it. 

    One day, I was walking through a boutique in Waco, Texas and I saw it. I saw exactly what was in my head. 

    This booth blew me away. I bought a Fearless tee and went home to order everything else sold by Ascent 516. To say that I loved the designs was an understatement. 

    Fast forward a little over a year or so and I received an e-mail from Lindsey and Dana that they were closing down the business. It took all of about 10 seconds for me to respond and ask if they would be willing to sell. Truly in God's perfect timing, our paths crossed and I am now the new owner of Ascent 516. I'm so grateful for the vision they had, the designs they created and I cannot wait to take that even further. 

    I cannot say enough about those two beautiful women. I am so grateful for them and all of you who have purchased their wonderful designs. I cannot wait for our new line to launch in the coming months and to partner with each of you as we share our faith boldly together! 



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